Amanda Horn

|afəˈgɑːtəʊ| Drown me in a warm bath of coffee and cream liqueur, for I am an icy scoop of gelato longing to be an affogato.

She pours herself over me — a scalding flood of espresso; shockingly soothing as I take the shape of my cup — my skin softens and slowly slips away. Drown…

Hey chefs, I’ve got one simple question for you.

I thought that it was a simple question and expected simple answers. What is your favourite sound in the kitchen?

I should not have been surprised, given you chefs are a self-reflective, introspective bunch that can translate memories, emotions and experiences into deliciousness. With each Instagram DM I sent, I…

It was my first time knowingly poaching something. I boiled a two-to-one ratio of sugar to water and toasted cinnamon sticks, allspice and cloves in the cast iron brasier to release their aromas before cascading the bubbling syrup over them. Slowly stripping each of the fruits of their skin, I floated them on the surface of the warming, glossy lake of cinnamon-infused syrup. The pears stood upright, bobbing like buoys under a sunset glow, while the colour from the plums’ skin seeped into the liquid sugar, colouring it a pale candy apple red.

Amanda Horn

Amanda Horn

Food & Drink writer and stylist. Curating and capturing a life inspired by taste. Table for one, s’il vous plait.